Got A Mouse Problem? Here’s How to Get Your Home Pest Free

One of the most common pests found in homes is the mouse. Living in an urban area doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never have a mouse problem; even if you have a small apartment inside a large building, mice can still find their way inside to live in your walls. They can squeeze into the tiniest of cracks and holes, making it hard to rid the pests without getting a trap. If you find you have a rodent problem, it’s important to act fast. It can easily spread to other areas of the home, and they are carriers of disease, and their droppings (often called “mouse poop”) can contaminate your food. Here’s what you can do to get rid of mice in your walls and keep them out forever.

Below, you will find a few ways to kill your mouse problem. This is all done without the use of dangerous sprays or chemicals that can harm you and your family.

Mice are a common problem in homes and other structures. They have become a problem because they reproduce quickly and a problem that has to be dealt with. There are several things that one can do to get rid of mice in your home.

The best way to keep mice out of your home is to take preventative measures before they have a chance to take up residence inside your walls.

Here are some steps to take:

  1. Check your roof for holes and cracks where mice may enter.


  1. Fill in any holes you find. Look for other entry points, such as cracks and holes in the foundation of your home. Seal these off with mortar or metal.


  1. Trim trees and shrubs that touch your home.


  1. Keep your home well ventilated so mice won’t want to build nests inside it.


  1. Seal all food in air-tight containers.


  1. Keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered.


  1. Don’t leave food out. Most of the time, the mice are in your home because they want a place to stay warm and have food. The best thing that one can do to keep mice out of their home and away from their food is to be sure that there are no food sources for the mice in the home.

Now, mice can make life quite miserable, whether from the damage they cause in your home or the disease they carry. Trapping is one of the best ways to get rid of mice in your home, as it is the most humane of all the methods.

However, it should be noted that mice can be difficult to trap, and it may take several attempts before you catch one. I’ll give you some tips on how you can trap a mouse successfully:

Okay, first of all, you should make sure that you buy a proper trap and bait. The place where you put the trap is also very crucial. If you ever see mouse droppings, that the place that where you can set more traps. With this, you’ll be able to catch more mice.

Now, there is a place inside your home that is very popular with mice, and that is the kitchen. So you should start putting traps there first and put at least 6 traps. That should do the trick.

Trapping them is probably the most effective method if you want to be the one to handle the whole situation.

It is known that there are a lot of ways you can get rid of mice in your home. Some methods are easier and safer for you and the mice than others. If you are squeamish and can’t bear to kill the mice, humane traps can be used. The best bet for most is to call a licensed exterminator.

This is will also give you the benefit of not doing it yourself. You won’t be bothered with having to do everything. All you need to do is invite an exterminator, and he will inspect your home and get rid of mice. After that, the person will probably give you something that you need to prevent mice from getting inside your home again and some advice.

Lastly, you should call your exterminator for check-ups once in a while to just look at your home and the improvement.

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